The easiest way to coordinate surgeries with your surgical teams 


Integrated into the existing clinical EHR workflow, RelayOne allows providers and surgical staff to optimize their work through real-time notifications of OR facility changes, cancellations and case timing.

Our Solution

We help reduce staff workload and remove inefficiencies around coordinating cases with your surgical teams. 

Better Perioperative Collaboration

Communication is key to a profitable OR. RelayOne is the single source of truth when dealing with OR logistics.


By sharing information via text or email you could be inadvertently displaying PHI. Our platform is free of PHI, helping you stay HIPAA compliant. 

Simplified EHR Connectivity 

We developed a unique process to make connecting with your existing EHR easy for your IT team - requiring minimal resources. 

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About Us

Our Vision

Coordinating surgeries is a huge headache for providers and historically healthcare software makes things more complex. Our mission is to change that.  By giving healthcare providers and surgical teams a secure platform to get the information they need in real-time, they can be more proactive in delivering exceptional patient care.

Our Story

In 2018, backed by a leading venture capital firm, we founded RelayOne to solve the problem of communication amongst surgical teams in the operating theatre. Designed by experienced healthcare industry professionals and built by technologists that have developed apps used by millions of people, our team understands your challenges because we lived them everyday.

Our Technology

Our platform was  built with three guiding principles in mind — simplicity, security, and reliability. We can work with any EHR system and have developed a unique process that simplifies connectivity for your IT team. We’ve onboarded facilities in as little as three weeks.



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